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Watch What You Lick


Vader's Personal Day

Anthony Harmon Interview

Anthony Harmon is an extremely intelligent designer with an assortment of diverse interests ranging from philosophy to science to the paranormal. These interests always spill over into Anthony's art. In this interview Anthony gives us some good advice on designing and explains the origins to a couple of his designs.

1. Welcome to PSDTUTS! Please introduce yourself, give us a brief bio, tell us where you're from, and how you got started in the field.

It's an honor to be speaking with you and the PSDTUTS community; thank you for the opportunity! I'll do my best to sound like a rock star, but I'm not sure it’s a battle I can win. I was born and raised in Jackson Hole, a small Wyoming town of about 12,000. I enjoy telling people I rode a horse to school my kindergarten year. They think I'm exaggerating, but it’s true! I wore wrangler jeans, cowboy boots, leather chaps, the works. The beginning of the end of my cowboy days came on Christmas of sixth grade.

Two gifts would forever change my life; my first snowboard and computer. I quickly traded in my spurs and lasso for punk bands, bleached hair and obscure acronyms like AFK and ROFL. There was little hope. Some of the readers may remember a client-to-server protocol named Hotline popular in the mid to late 90's. I was a member of a small design collective named Badmoon Laboratories that distributed a popular bimonthly user icon list. That was my first taste of the design world.


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My New Love

I want this now. Its too bad it wont be mainstream anytime soon :(


Lilly Allen Video - Alfi
The high Alfi puppet is pretty funny, good song too.


The landscape is changing, the landscape is crying
Thousand of acres of forest are dying
Carbon copies from the hills above the forestline
Acid streams are flowing ill across the countryside

'Cause I don't care if you're going nowhere
Just take good care of the world
I don't care if you're going nowhere
Just take good care of the world

Now we're rearranging there's no use denying
Mountains and valleys can't you hear them sighing?
Evolution, the solution, almost certainty
Can you imagine this intrusion of their privacy?

'Cause I don't care if you're going nowhere
Just take good care of the world
I don't care if you're going nowhere
Just take good care of the world

Token gestures, some semblance of intelligence
Can we be blamed for the security of ignorance

'Cause I don't care if you're going nowhere
Just take good care of the world
I don't care if you're going nowhere
Just take good care of the world


Blasphemous Rumours

Depeche Mode - Blasphemous Rumours

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Very Creepy, Disturbing Children's Show Banned From TV

Ze End of Ze World

Home Star Runner

This website is pretty funny, everytime you refresh its becomes a new scene, with retard voice.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Joy Division Trailer


Hexes For Exes


Moving Units was formed in 2001 by Chris Hathwell, Blake Miller, and Johan Boegli as a response to what the band refers to as "an uninspired music scene". The band selected the name Moving Units to express their distaste for the sales-obsessed mentality of the record industry. Thanks to their compelling mixture of post-punk and dance rock and incredible live shows, where singer/guitarist Miller’s frantic performances are tethered to singer/drummer Hathwell’s driving rhythms and the danceable bass lines and self-controlled, aloof stage presence of bassist Johan Boegli, The Moving Units quickly became a band to be reckoned with. Their reputation soon grew and their winning over of the jaded LA music scene earned Moving Units a residency at Spaceland, a hub of underground music. In 2007, Moving Units joined Metropolis Records for the release of their new album Hexes For Exes. From the infectiously catchy guitar lines of “Pink Thoughts”, and the dance electronic synths of “Crash ‘N’ Burn Victims,” “The Kids From Orange County” to the rhythm driven “Paper Hearts” and the Joy Division and New Order influences on “Dark Walls” the album immediately stands out, with foot-tapping hooks making you take notice of the depth of the lyrics. Hexes For Exes is an album that has been crafted for the dance floors and to sing along with. The swagger and sleaze of “Pick Up The Phone” and the grooves of “Nail It To The Cross” were made for moving to. The slower tempo of “Kings and Queens Of Nothing” and “Hearts Departed” with its stripped down vocals and echoing guitar sound are a striking counterpoint to the dance vibes of the album, rounded out perfectly by the bass hooks and playful rhymes of “Blood Beats.” Hexes For Exes breathes new life into dance rock.
Incorporating goth-funk, stomping dream-pop and even elastic electro-mope....The near perfect EXES handily stands above the masses.

V-Man Ads

Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV-L)

I can't wait to have one of these.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Like P-Stupid

Egon Schiele

Luke Gilford

New Series of Nudes

Joel-Petter Witkin

The Raft of George W. Bush (2006) Joel-Peter Witkin
Objects Near a Window, Paris (2007) Joel-Peter Witkin

Reality is an Invention Balthus (2008) Joel-Peter Witkin

Monday, December 8, 2008


New Order - Technique (1989)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

NEW Digitalism EP

Digitalism - Hands On Idealism EP (2008)



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4 Shared

Awesome File Sharing Site. Find Albums and Movies in zip and rar files.

Funny Condom Ads

The Psychedelic Furs

1 President Gas
2 All That Money Wants
3 Imitation of Christ
4 Sister Europe As
5 Love My Way
6 No Easy Street
7 Highwire Days
8 She Is Mine
9 Dumb Waiters
10 Pretty in Pink
11 The Ghost in You
12 Heaven
13 Heartbreak Beat
14 All of This and Nothing

FREE Album Link
192kbps 88mb no pass enjoy!

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Free Films You MUST WATCH

Zeitgeist The Movie
(About Religion, War and Federal Reserve/Central Banks)

Funny Fuckin Ads